Monthly Gatherings

American Library Association publishes a guide to reading 52 banned books

Game Geeks, CottageCore Crafters, and Rebellious Readers Unite!

Each month J:HT offers unique and affirming spaces for our community to gather, enjoy activities together, and restore a sense of belonging. Regardless of your ability or affinity, all who are interested in finding their tribe are welcome here. Come  #jointhejourney!

Bandit, a black and white dog curls up in a knitting project from Journey: Healing Together's Crafternoon

    First Friday Game Night

Gather around 5pm for a couple of hours to geek out with fellow gamers. Ages 18+ choose from a variety of board, card, dice, games. As the group grows, smaller groups can split off and play different games. There are plenty of quiet spaces avaialble to regroup for those of us who can get over stimulated sometimes. Hosted by Eric Reiche, Milo Orr, and Leo Ferko, there are opportunities to meet up with friends new and familiar. We are definitely an LGBTQ+ affirming space! Allies and Accomplices welcome!

$5 suggested donation.

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May 5th Details
Host: Eric Reiche

Time: 5pm-7:30pm

Snacks? Yes! Nacho Kit from Moe’s

Location: 201 West 11th – yoga space and waiting area

Cost: Free! $5/person suggested donation to cover costs

June 2nd Details
Host: TBD

Time: 5-7:30pm

Location: 201 West 11th

Snacks: Yes! accepting suggestions…

Cost: Free! Suggested donation of $5/person to cover expenses

   Third Sunday Banned Book Club

Bandit checks out a recently banned book titled “He’s My Mom!” A Story for Children with a Transgender Parent or Relative… come see what the buzz is about! #jointhejourney

On the 3rd Sunday of every month, J:HTs Banned Book Club meets to replenish the little free library, distribute books of the month to those who have requested them, discuss the month’s banned book(s), and choose the next month’s reading list.

In light of the increase in book banning across the country and even locally, J:HT seeks to provide opportunities for educators, parents, young adults, and free-thinking people to read these books and discuss the reasoning behind them being banned. We are grateful for the partners in our community who have rose to the occasion in support of these efforts. Check back here frequently for more details!

May 21st Banned Book Club Details
Host(s): Kathy Czarnecki-Smith & Will Koehler

Time: 2-4pm Sunday, May 21

Location: 201 West 11th Street, Erie PA 16502

Snacks: yes!

What?: Update the Little Free Library, Summer Reading List Announced!

June 18th Banned Book Club Details
Hosts: TBD

Time: June 18th 2-4pm

Location: 201 West 11th Street


   Fourth Saturday Crafternoon

  CottageCore and Curious Crafter’s alike are welcome in this monthly LGBTQ+ ‘Crafternoon.’ On the 4th Saturday of every month, J:HT hosts a casual time of crafting and conversation. Crafting is a great anxiety reducer and being around great people while your creating is even better! We are a Queer-Affirming space so LGBTQ+, Allies and Accomplices are welcome! $5 suggested donation per person or $10 max per family (Children welcome although we do not provide any childcare or facilitation).
May 27th Crafternoon Details
Hosts: Kevin Chirichetti & Willow Hulbert

When: March 27th 11-2pm

Where: 201 West 11th Street

What: Open crafting. Bring your own to create with or use our supplies that have been donated/provided. Learn from others or teach someone new. Calm spaces available if you need to have a breather.

Snacks: TBD

Cost: Free! $5/person suggested donation to cover costs. $10/family max.


June 17th Crafternoon Details
We are crafting a week early in June so we can celebrate Erie Pridefest on the 24th!

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